The mission of Edward Arsouni Maison de Couture is to dazzle and portray the femininity and curves of every Woman who wears his designs.

To Edward Arsouni Couture every Woman is special and unique
and should be treated as so

If you are looking to be at your best without changing the real you,
If what you're searching for is to reflect the woman that you are,
If your goal is to show the femininity inside of you,
If you love who and what you are and you want to reveal it,
Then you are where you should be, at


"Fix your eyes on perfection and you make almost everything speed towards it "William Ellery Channing."
Today we're living in a world where all societies, communities, home and individuals are open to each other and where everything is easily reachable, where everything is changing continuously and very quickly. Who is better placed to understand the change and the opening towards others than a Woman?
Edward Arsouni sees the world from this angle: Speed, unpredictable, surprising, and yet so full of beauty.
His vision is to live in a world where Woman in all her aspects and mysterious charm keep dazzling.


Very good value for price.
Quality: All Edward Arsouni creations are embroided, sewed, and hand made.
Flexibility in the offer: We respond to your needs.
Our outfits are personalized according to your appeal.
Speediness: From the moment you chose,to the moment we deliver, there is a glance.