• ​A message from our team,
  • At Edward Arsouni we are committed to operating a responsible business towards the planet and fellow humans.
  • Mission statement:
  • Social sustainability: We believe everybody in our supply chain and headquarter should be treated with respect and dignity. While promoting fair wages and good working conditions.
  • Supply chain: Our materials and fabrics are sourced from a carefully selected network of suppliers. Italy is our biggest source thus, eliminating all companies where there are risks of child labor and forced labor. With 85% of our production made locally in Beirut, we produce by order and made to measure to avoid mass production.
  • Cruelty free: None of our fabrics contain leather, fur, exotic skins or feathers.
  • Eco-friendly offices: We are committed to become paperless and more digital by limiting the unnecessary printing, including sending all announcements by email or cloud sharing. Also, unplugging all electronics, lighting and heat every evening to help reduce energy usage.
  • Paper and packaging: We try to be as thoughtful as possible while packing and shipping items to minimize the use of paper. We constantly look for innovative ways to become better and are including 50% recycled materials in our packaging.